Thursday, June 9, 2011

Móna Wise

My dearest internet, it has been a while. 
On deciding to view the stats on our blog earlier this evening I discovered that most of the traffic round here comes from the webspace of m'lovely Móna Wise, due to this fact she shall have a post dedicated to her. 

Now internet, Mona's more of a wordy sort as opposed to a numbers kinda gal, but with a li'l bit of messin' around I bet we can show Mona how unique she is, we'll show her special properties that she has. There aren't too many around that are quite like Mona y'know. I wont go as far as to say she's one in a million, but I will say that she is incredible, extraordinary, she makes up herself and herself cannot be divided, only by one.. (the chef I presume) What is she? 

She is Prime.

Not like Optimus Prime or anything, but a Prime number. How is that you ask? Well internet, let me show ya..
I'll list letters with their corresponding numbers
A - 1
B - 2
C - 3
D - 4
E - 5
F - 6
G - 7
H - 8
I - 9
J - 10
K - 11
L - 12
M - 13
N - 14
O - 15
P - 16
Q - 17.............. Etc, ya get the idea. 

So if we add up Mona, we get 13+15+14+1 = 43. 
And so we have it, Mona adds to 43, a prime number.

A prime number is a number that can be divided only by it's self and 1. 
2 is the only even prime number. Pick any other even number and it is clear to see that upon division by 2 it is not prime, eg, 20. 20/2 = 10. it yields another even number. 10/2 = 5  and now we see we are left with another prime. 5 can only be divided by 5 and 1. Push this a little further and you will find that every number, greater than 1, can be written as a unique product of primes. And so, you have just discovered the Fundamental theorem of Arithmetic. (It's kind of a big deal)

Why though are primes fun? 
379009 is a prime. When typed into a calculator and turned upside down, it spells Google. Perhaps we'll see it as a 'google doodle' on some calculators birthday...
77345993 is another calculator prime. It spells Eggshell.

A French composer Olivier Messiaen used primes to create ametrical music through "natural phenomena". 43, Mona, was one of his faves.

How are they useful?

For Hacking! Hackers and other computer pirates try to steal information or break into private transactions by breaking codes using incredibly large prime numbers. 

Primes are used extensively in internet security and all kinds of security really. I bet that code breaking game you had as a kid involved primes of some sort. (please don't tell me I was the only kid that had code breaking kits and games.)

How can they turn you into a MILLIONAIRE??
Find a new one and tell the US Government and they'll give ya mountains of dolla's for it. Then you must give me a cut.

So here's to Mona, 43 and Primes. Here's also to having more time to write about numbers again.

Goodnight all from Ais and Internet

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  1. Ah Ais....I love knowing that I am Prime but now I am wondering if I am attracting a bunch of hackers.......
    How do you monitor the traffic to your site? Feed burner?
    Glad you have a bit of time. ;0) to write!