Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still getting to know each other.

Internet, I'm not so happy to inform you that when getting to know each other, we cant just talk about the good things in life, so in order to avoid completing the final 30% of my probability assignment, I' m gonna tell ya about some things I don't like.
I don't really like that it's so rainy out now.
When I was in college before i think it was TJ that made a list of things he didn't like. (Anyone remember TJ?) On the top of his list was dirty pots. I really don't like dirty pots either.
I don't like that I'm shit at exams or the fact that I've fat eye lids.
I don't like that Dee lost a pet.
I don't like the fact that I work so much while at college, I should really give myself a better chance. I do like that I have a job though.
My brother doesn't like that I didn't mention him in the things I do like. I think he thinks I'm a bit weird for writing like this. I like John and at least I'm not as weird as the midget kid that sings Katy Perry.
I don't like that I don't have parents anymore. It's weird and it saddens me.
I don't like when I cant recognize differentiation. That wrecked my head last week. Stupid. As you may have guessed from yesterday, I don't like simultaneous equations with more than 2 variables.
I don't like dogs or onions or nail biting.
I don't like that Derm's not around all the time now. But yet, at the same time I couldn't be happier that he's gone to do something good.
I guess life's not as simple as putting things into good boxes and bad boxes.
Maybe, internet, I should make the good boxes bigger and the bad boxes littler and then I could listen to Little Boxes and make my little bad boxes sound better..
What kind of boxes do you have internet?


  1. I think it is pretty ok not to like maths.
    Personally I would go stronger and use the word Hate. But then again, I'm an English student!
    We should have coffee soon.
    I feel sad that so much has gone on since I met you last.
    Are you around on Sunday?

  2. You list(s) are poetic, Aisling.
    I cannot believe you do not LIKE dogs.
    Hope to see you today........

  3. i am sending you a big hug in the invisible post.

  4. I don't like that you don't like Maths...but then again, i'm an engineering student.

  5. I DO like Maths! I love maths! I just dont like some stupid parts of maths.