Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting to know you/me/us

Hello internet.
My name is Aisling.
I feel this could be a nice little friendship so lets get to know each other a bit.
I'm currently 25 and avoiding my Probability homework. I don't really like probability as a subject, I think it's about as exciting as calculating simultaneous equations with more than 2 variables, by hand. Computers should do these things. I do like other maths though, the kind of maths that computers cant do. The thinking maths. Abstract thought...
I also like cake. I like to bake. There's this one cake that I made with sour cream and blueberries and it was kinda fantastic. Mona wants the recipe. Internet, maybe one day you will host the recipe for Mona and we can all see the joys of the sour cream and blueberries cake. Yum.
Along with maths and cake, I like cats and music and driving. These are probably my five favourite things. Although, internet, maybe I should mention that these things change on an hourly basis.
Unfortunately, I also really like cigarettes and coffee. Marlboro menthol and Lattes to be specific. I made a new friend that works in Mocha Beans. He makes really nice lattes and his name is Roland.
I love flowers. Fresh ones. Like lillies and tulips and roses and orchids.
I like sharp knives, that might sound a bit weird, but there's nothin' worse than a blunt knife when cuttin' chicken.
hmmm, what else.
I like Louise, she started a blog recently and it kinda made me want to start one. Mona's blog makes me drool. She puts pictures of many tasty things in her blog. Mona's also gonna bring me to Disney Land!
Bryan has a blog, I'll try to get interested in it but I fear his pictures wont look so tasty. But he was encouraging to me when wondering whether or not to start this. So, internet, lets be grateful to Bryan for bringing us together.
Maths, cake, cats, music, driving, cigarettes, lattes, flowers, knives, Louise, Mona and Bryan are this things I like tonight.
Internet, what do you like?


  1. Ya see Ais! Its not so hard! And you just gave me a great idea! Nice one!

  2. I love it! Mega first blog! Oh, I like you too... I nearly forgot to mention that! xx

  3. Awesome first blog - I spilt my coffee this morning whilst reading it; especially the part about me taking you to Disney ;0) Which is so true!

    AND - I started Blogging a few years back right after I started a creative writing course and had loads of homework to do.....'tis a great distraction!

    Great first Blog Ais - I am linking you to mine!

  4. Oh yeah, Dear Nice Internet that lives at Aisling's house, please rifle through her stash of maths papers to find that recipe for the yummy cake.
    Thank you,

  5. Aisling! Ich will mehr von dir lesen! Super Blog! Und wenn du das Rezept deiner fantastischen Blaubeer-Torte findest: bitte bitte sofort ins Internet damit! Liebe Grüße, Berit.

  6. i like your blog about liking things, i especially like the parts where you talk to the internet.

  7. I like this blog. And I like you. And miss you a bit. We should bake when I'm home. Which is soon. I'd like that too. Daiden